At IGEA Brain, Spine & Orthopedics, our care providers have a vast understanding of the brain and spine, as well as neurovascular surgery, neurology, orthopedics, and neuropsychology. To help people throughout NJ & NY cope with their diagnoses and attain favorable treatment outcomes, IGEA offers several specialized medical and neurosurgical services to meet their unique needs.

Our Medical Specialties

The IGEA team understands that quality care isn’t an option, it’s the standard. That’s why we utilize our industry knowledge of complex medical topics to deliver cutting-edge treatments for patients throughout the tri-state area. Aligned with the latest medical advancements and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, IGEA provides care in each of the following specialties:

Doctors examining brain images


When patients are faced with brain injuries and disorders, such as tumors, malformations, and more, IGEA draws from the collective experience of our experts to deliver revolutionary neurosurgical procedures, helping our patients achieve the best outcome. Our leading-edge neurosurgical treatments include:


Chronic back pain, naturally occurring spine diseases, and more afflict countless residents of our area each year. To help them overcome and better manage these health issues, IGEA uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques, including the following, to develop customized and patient-centered treatments:

Doctor holding model spine

Team performing surgery

Neurovascular Surgery

In many cases, neurovascular disorders affect the overall quality of patients’ lives. But whether they’ve had a stroke, aneurysm, or another concern, IGEA performs cutting-edge techniques, such as the following, to treat them with precision and care:


For patients who experience migraines, movement disorders, cerebrospinal diseases, and more, the dedicated team at IGEA utilizes the latest care techniques to help them manage their pain and attain a comfortable level of functioning. These techniques include:

Brain scan imagery

Doctor fitting patient with neck brace


Skeletal issues can take both physical and emotional tolls on patients. To help alleviate the effects of rotator cuff tears, meniscus concerns, and more, IGEA’s orthopedic doctors apply their knowledge of orthopedics and sports-related injuries to deliver effective, minimally invasive treatments.


Many brain-related health concerns have behavioral and physical effects. For patients with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and more, our neuropsychology team provides comprehensive evaluations, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations.

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At IGEA, our providers are committed to helping patients throughout New York and New Jersey attain positive health outcomes in a supportive environment. What’s more, we commit to transparency, meaning we involve patients in everything from the treatment development phase to their recoveries.

To experience IGEA’s exceptional medical care, residents of the tri-state area can schedule their appointment online or over the phone. To get an even deeper sense of our commitment to providing quality care, read our latest patient stories for testimonials straight from individuals who rely on our services.

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