Feeling a sudden numbness in your extremities, trouble speaking and extreme confusion can be an alarming experience. This feeling of hopelessness may soon increase when you realize the symptoms you’re feeling are the general signs of a stroke. You and your family must act fast to get you the treatment that could potentially spell the difference between life and death, but what is the fastest way to act in this agonizing time? Thrombolytic therapy may be the hastiest procedure necessary to treat your stroke and get you back on the road to a healthy life.

Immediate Approach

Thrombolytic therapy is designed to be the first course of action for most people who suffer from a stroke. The procedure consists of medicating the patient with drugs that will break up and dissolve the clots that keep nutrients such as oxygen and blood from flowing into the brain. It’s important to understand that thrombolytic therapy has a better success rate if you are treated within 3 hours after the symptoms of a stroke appear. Quick action goes hand-in-hand with this advanced treatment and can be the deciding factor in your recuperation.

How Does Thrombolytic Therapy Work?

Upon arriving at the hospital, a team of neurosurgeons will completely evaluate you to determine the best course of action to treat your stroke. This includes a thorough medical background check that will analyze previous conditions, medication intake and surgical history. After you are found eligible for thrombolytic therapy, a caring surgeon will administer tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), the most commonly used clot-dissolving drug. The drug will work to restore blood flow into your brain and eradicate the symptoms – numbness, confusion, loss of vision, abrupt dizziness or headaches – usually attributed to strokes.

Recovering From A Stroke

Our team of caring neurosurgeons will do everything possible to send you home as healthy as possible. A stroke is a serious condition that can come with complications during and after treatment, but know that our professional and highly-advanced treatments will work to shorten your recovery time. It’s important to understand that experiencing a stroke can be a gateway to future strokes, but know that our New Jersey locations are equipped to give you the treatment you and your family desire.

Let Us Care For You

Don’t let a stroke take the health and vigor from your life. We are determined to help you begin the journey to the healthy life you once knew. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find the information you need about thrombolytic therapy and other neurosurgical procedures.

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