If you have been diagnosed with a cavernous malformation and are desperate to find the right treatment option to help you return to a healthy life, endovascular stenting may be the perfect course of action for you. The symptoms and possible negative outcomes of a neurovascular condition can be grueling for you and your family, so act now and begin the process to better health.

What is a Cavernous Malformation?

Cavernous malformations are a group of small blood vessels that are misshaped or enlarged. This abnormality thins the walls of the arteries and makes them less elastic, which can lead to bleeding into the brain or other affected areas. While this condition can occur in any area in the body, it is most common in the brain and spinal cord.

Identifying the symptoms of this condition is a must. Doing so can help decrease the risk of dangerous effects, such as mental decay and hemorrhagic strokes. The symptoms of cavernous malformations include:

  • Headaches
  • Paralysis
  • Issues with hearing and vision
  • Seizures

The Right Treatment

Symptoms such as seizures can be treated with antiepileptic medication, but this form of treatment may be ineffective against other symptoms. We can provide you with a neurosurgical procedure known as endovascular stenting to relieve you of the pain and anguish of cavernous malformations.

This minimally invasive technique introduces microscopic instrumentation that our neurosurgeons use to reach the affected area. Once reached, a stent or small scaffold is placed to hold the artery’s structure and improve blood flow. The procedure’s minimally invasive features will allow you a shorter recovery time and minimal scarring.


Any surgery to treat a brain or spine condition can be subject to risks and complications. Once you have been found eligible for this procedure, a team of neurosurgeons will discuss the possible outcomes during and after the surgery with you and your family.

Here for You

You are not alone in the fight against cavernous malformations. We are here to guide you through the path back to health. Remember, you should not have to travel far for state-of-the-art neurosurgical care. We are conveniently located in New Jersey so that you stay close to your family during treatment and recovery. Learn more about our neurovascular procedures today and discover what it means to get your life back.

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