Physical therapy can be a vital aspect to your rehabilitation and recovery. Depending on the individual circumstances surrounding your procedure, your doctor may recommend physical therapy. Most cases typically call for the introduction of a physical therapy program anywhere between two to six weeks following your procedure. This is case-specific and relies on your overall condition as well as the type of surgery you undergo.

Your road to recovery will most likely entail stretching, core strengthening exercises, as well as holding, standing, and sitting positions that correlate to your lifestyle and work requirements.

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At IGEA Brain & Spine, our team of surgeons are skilled in treating your condition. We aim to guide you every step of the way on a quick road to recovery and relief from debilitating symptoms. Our staff can provide information on your condition and the various treatment options, including the explanation of possible surgical procedures. Contact a specialist at 866-467-1770 today or request an appointment for answers to any of your surgical needs.

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