The trouble that an arteriovenous fistula can cause is not limited to physical pain. Being diagnosed with this condition can result in stress and depression for you and your family. If you have yet to find the best treatment option for your arteriovenous fistula and wish to avoid the complications that could arise, perhaps laser ablation is the right procedure for you.

Advanced Treatment

Our laser ablation treatment is a minimally invasive procedure designed to eradicate the tissue forming an irregular passageway between arteries and veins by using mapping devices and powerful beams of heat. The stability and precision our neurosurgeon will have while using this technique will help restore the flow of blood into your capillary system, which will allow oxygen and nutrients to access the surrounding tissue.

With the laser ablation treatment, your symptoms – swelling in arms or legs, fatigue, reddish skin, decreased blood pressure – will be a thing of the past. You don’t have to fear the scarring that is known to affect patients of traditional open surgery. Our laser ablation’s minimally invasive nature will significantly decrease the risk of scarring.


Each patient recovers at a different rate but keep in mind that this minimally invasive procedure can considerably help reduce the need for a long recovery period. It’s important to understand that procedures of this nature can come with risks during and after the surgery, but our team of neurosurgeons will be by your side to care for you and help you through any difficulty that may arise. We keep our patient’s families in mind as well and will do everything to help them understand every single aspect of a laser ablation technique to bring them ease and a peace of mind.

Let Us Help You

You don’t have to fight this condition alone. Professionally-trained and caring neurosurgeons in New Jersey are available to help you and your family overcome this situation. Your health and well-being are of the highest importance and we will use everything available to secure it. Contact IGEA today for more information.

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