Expert Care that Empowers Your Lifestyle

The activities you love are essential. Your ideal lifestyle is non-negotiable. These are the things that define you, and at IGEA Brain, Spine & Orthopedics, we believe you shouldn’t have to surrender them to pain or conditions. Our experienced, board-certified physicians use cutting edge treatments and technology to put your life back in your hands.

This is more than a quick diagnosis or an in-and-out procedure. IGEA doctors take time to understand your lifestyle, then deliver the right treatment to help you continue the life you love. Leveraging innovative medical advancements and a range of minimally-invasive procedures, teams of doctors from various specializations can treat a broad scope of neurological conditions and get you back on the field, back in your routine, or back spending quality time with your family.

Treating Vast neurological conditions with expertise and care

When you choose IGEA Brain, Spine & Orthopedics, you gain access to a highly qualified and experienced team of doctors, all board-certified and abreast of the latest advancements in the medical landscape. Every member of our team offers unique qualifications and specialties, creating a practice capable of handling a diverse range of conditions.


– Backed by years of experience and utilizing revolutionary procedures, our physicians have successfully diagnosed and treated patients faced with brain injuries and disorders of various severities. From tumors to malformations, our specialties related to the body’s most important organ are vast. Learn More…


– Whether faced with chronic back pain as a result of a traumatic injury or experiencing the symptoms of a naturally occurring spine disease, rest assured you’re in great hands when working with the physicians of IGEA. Their expertise pairs with state-of-the-art technology to craft treatments plans that are centered around one thing—you. Learn More…

Neurovascular Surgery

– Neurovascular disorders, such as stroke, can take a huge toll on your health and well-being, affecting your overall quality of life. That is why our clinicians implement cutting-edge techniques to treat vascular abnormalities with the utmost precision. Learn More…


– Migraines, movement disorders, and cerebrovascular diseases are just some of the conditions our patients have overcome thanks to our dedicated team of neurosurgeons. Their dedicated knowledge is combined with the latest neurological care techniques, helping to manage pain and restore patients to a fully-functioning lifestyle. Learn More…

Specialized Orthopedics

– When you’re living with a skeletal deformity, disorder, or injury, the emotional pain can be just as overwhelming as the physical pain. Our orthopedic doctors specialize in orthopedic conditions and sports-related injuries, highly skilled in minimally invasive surgical procedures that allow for quicker recovery. Learn More…

Within our years of serving patients with leading care and attention, our team has helped patients overcome the physical and emotional pain of injuries and disorders related to the brain, spine, and orthopedic injuries. We are committed to transparency in all dealings, providing the level of quality care that is needed to ensure patient satisfaction and comfort.

Whether you’re just beginning to experience chronic pain or have been unsatisfied with the care you’re received elsewhere, IGEA Brain, Spine & Orthopedics invites you to schedule an appointment with our entirely board-certified team of physicians. View our latest patient stories to see a sample of the success we’ve shown our patients. 

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