Our board certified neurosurgeons at IGEA Brain & Spine, P.A. treat brain, spine and neurovascular conditions with state of the art, minimally invasive surgical techniques. We target your pain and discomfort with precision excellence and compassionate patient care. Experience world class treatment conveniently located in New Jersey.

Cranial Surgery

Patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease can benefit from Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), a procedure that involves a neurostimulator for symptom relief. The revolutionary CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery is performed by our neurosurgeon, Adam Lipson, M.D., to eradicate cancerous and noncancerous brain tumors. CyberKnife is also utilized to treat cranial disorders like AVMs, trigeminal neuralgia, acoustic neuromas and pituitary adenomas. We aim to correct peripheral nerve conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and pituitary tumors with procedures that include:

Spinal Surgery

The age of invasive spine surgery is over. Our spine surgeons practice cutting-edge, minimally invasive spinal surgery and CyberKnife for direct, controlled access to the affected area of the spinal cord. We help patients overcome spine conditions such as cervical stenosis, spine tumors, lumbar degenerative disc disease, and scoliosis. The procedures include:

Vascular Surgery

In today’s modern world, vascular surgery is not as frightening as it once was. Transformed by new minimally invasive techniques, vascular surgery is now safer and more advanced than ever before. In contrast to open cranial surgery, minimally invasive vascular surgery provides patients with fewer risks and complications, faster healing time, and a shortened hospital stay. Our neurosurgeons target and treat a range of vascular conditions such as aneurysms, strokes, cavernous malformations and carotid stenosis with innovative procedures that include:

Excellence in Patient Care

Our neurosurgery team responds to patients’ needs with a personal touch. From spinal cord trauma, to strokes, to neurological movement disorders, the neurosurgeons of IGEA Brain & Spine, P.A. in New Jersey are dedicated to helping you today for a future of health and well-being. Note that our staff is experienced in managing workers’ compensation cases to make recovery your focal point, not paperwork.

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