For a number of years now, minimally invasive spine surgery has been the preferred sought-after form of surgery. Techniques and equipment are constantly advancing and so our surgeons must keep pace with the times. They utilize and implement the latest techniques, tools and technological advancements in an effort to reduce recovery times, as well and improve your quality of life in the least invasive way possible. Not only is minimally invasive surgery safe, but it provides multiple benefits over traditional forms of surgery.

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IGEA Brain & Spine is staffed with a team of surgeons that are skilled in performing minimally invasive procedures. We aim to make your visit with us as pleasant and pain-free as possible. Our staff can provide information on your condition and the various treatment options, including the explanation of possible minimally invasive surgical procedures. Contact a specialist at 866-467-1770 today or request an appointment for answers to any of your surgical needs.

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