Don’t Mistake Jaw and Gum Pain for a Dental Problem

Are you or someone you know suffering from intense jaw and gum pain, coupled with pressure on your face and forehead? Does this intensify when you eat spicy, sour or sweet foods? If so, you’ve probably chalked this up to a dental problem. However, before you call the dentist, you should investigate other possible scenarios.

You could be suffering with trigeminal neuralgia. People 50 years and older tend to develop trigeminal neuralgia, a disorder to the fifth cranial nerve. This nerve is one of the largest in the head and one of the most sensitive. This sensitivity can easily affect the jaw and mouth, which can be misconstrued as a dental condition.

If you or someone you know are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with trigeminal neuralgia, the specialists at IGEA Brain & Spine can help. Our award-winning doctors use the most innovative, cutting-edge techniques to quickly and effectively get patients back to living their lives.

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