Frontotemporal Dementia Symptoms: Learn What It Is and What to Look For

Frontotemporal dementia (FTD), caused by cell degeneration, affects the brain areas associated with personality, behavior, and language. A once rare occurrence, FTD may now account for 20-50% of dementia cases for those younger than 65, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. The disease causes cell damage that shrinks the brain’s frontal and temporal lobes. The first [...]

Winning a Battle with Spinal Stenosis

No one ever plans on visiting a neurosurgeon. Neil, a successful businessman, certainly didn’t plan on it. Neil is an everyday kind of guy with a very typical medical background. When asked about any injuries or accidents in his life, Neil says that he doesn’t recollect ever sustaining a major injury throughout his life aside […]

Meningioma Brain Tumors: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

A meningioma tumor can be a severe condition, as it typically occurs on the brain, which means it causes a number of other serious conditions. In most cases, these tumors can grow slowly or quickly, depending on the classification of being benign or cancerous. Fortunately, around 90% of these tumors are benign. However, just because […]

Is It a Migraine or Something Worse?

If you have ever experienced a migraine, you know it can be truly debilitating. However, it could be much more severe; it could be an aneurysm. When considering if your pain is a migraine or something worse, there are some key things to consider. First, it’s essential to understand what an aneurysm is. An aneurysm […]

Pituitary Tumors: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatment Options

Roughly 10,000. That is the estimated number of pituitary tumors diagnosed every year in the United States. And although in most cases these tumors are benign, they can still cause problems—loss of vision and loss of pituitary function are just a few examples—because of their size or excessive hormone production. The team of neurosurgeons at […]

Back To Normal: Recovering From Herniated Disc Surgery

When can I go back to work? When can I play sports again?        The decision to undergo surgery for your herniated disc has been made, and a date for the procedure has been set. Now, you’re more preoccupied with the recovery process than the surgery itself. The team at IGEA Brain and Spine understands […]

Effective Ways To Manage Sciatica Pain

Forty percent. According to Harvard Medical School, forty percent of individuals will experience sciatica at one point or another during their lives. Anyone with sciatica can attest to the intensity of the pain—a pain that begins in the lower back before making its way down through the hips, buttocks, and legs. The team at IGEA […]

Surprising Headache Triggers: Are Your Habits The Root of Your Pain?

If you find yourself dealing with headache pain, it may surprise you to know that you possess one or more lifestyle habits triggering the problem. While there are plenty of cases where a headache is caused by an underlying health issue, believe it or not, the vast majority of headaches are caused by relatively minor […]

Is Wearing Flip-Flops Actually Harming Your Health?

There’s nothing quite like spending summer wading through bleach-white, sandy beaches in your flip-flops. As a matter of fact, flip-flops are synonymous with summer time. After all, who takes a trip down the Shore without sunblock, sunglasses, a great book and yes, your flip-flops? And while it’s easy to see why flip-flops are popular, they’re […]

Staying On the Ball: Office Chair or Exercise Ball?

For office workers who spend nearly eight hours a day seated at a desk, fatigue, stiffness and back pain can become a norm. Not only do these issues decrease productivity and efficiency in the workplace, but they can negatively impact your overall physical and mental health. One growing trend, believed by many to combat these […]