Man clutching reddened area of head representing headache

A headache can occur to anyone at any given time. Chances are if your job is highly-stressful or if you’re feeling tired, you’ve experienced the grueling pain that only a headache can ruthlessly result in. Such a common occurrence can leave you feeling debilitated, but when does your headache become something highly-serious and how can you tell the difference?

A man holding his face in pain from a serious headache.Telling the Difference

Most headaches will generally give you a bearable degree of discomfort or pain but if you find yourself thinking that your current one is the worst you have ever experienced, then medical attention is strongly advised. The following are some signs you should look for in a serious headache:

  • It occurs during activities like jogging, weightlifting or aerobics
  • It appears abruptly and aggressively
  • It worsens over a 24-hour period
  • It is followed by slurred speech, fever and nausea

If you or a family member experience these symptoms, you could be suffering from a more serious condition that requires medical assistance. Don’t panic, help is here.

Serious Treatment

A headache with serious symptoms can occur due to various reasons. With technologically advanced instrumentation, an expert neurosurgeon can determine what the cause of your headaches is. Some of the underlying conditions that can cause aggressive headaches are abnormal connections between arteries and veins (arteriovenous malformations), a stroke, or an aneurysm.

At IGEA Brain & Spine, we specialize in treating any of these conditions and do so effectively. Our minimally invasive treatments for strokes, arteriovenous malformations and aneurysms are designed to leave you with virtually no scarring and can potentially shorten the recovery time attributed with traditional open surgeries. Don’t hesitate to find medical attention if you feel your headaches are stronger than normal and seek our help as soon as possible.

Fighting for Your Health

A headache can mean more than just pain. If you or a loved one has experienced aggressive and spontaneous headaches, our neurosurgeons are here to help. Contact IGEA Brain & Spine in New Jersey for more information about our wide range of neurovascular treatments.

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