logo_atlantichealthDr. Adam Lipson and Dr. David Poulad of IGEA Brain & Spine (IGEA) were honored to serve as mentors in the Overlook Summer Internship Program (OSIP) at the Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ. IGEA exposed college students to a more comprehensive look inside their field of interest. OSIP grants students applying to medical school an unparalleled hands-on experience so they can make a more informed decision about entering the medical profession.

Among other medical professionals, Dr. Lipson and Dr. Poulad lead discussions regarding the pros and cons of their field of medicine. Then the students got the opportunity to experience what life is like in their chosen field and explored various experiences related to that practice. They were guided for maximum exposure in settings that included:

  • Operating room
  • Emergency department
  • Hospital floors
  • Physician offices

The physicians of IGEA are committed to the education and advancement of medicine’s next generation. It is with great pleasure that they help students of the community explore the world of medicine firsthand. IGEA congratulates this year’s OSIP students!

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