4 Crucial Things To Know About Strokes

If there’s one thing we all know about strokes, it’s that they have the potential to become debilitating and life-altering. We’ve all heard about the lasting effects this condition can have on a person and what the symptoms are like. However, while we’re all aware of their dangers, there are plenty of important things most […]

The 5 Most Common Stroke Myths

A stroke can be a frightening situation to deal with, but things can get even scarier when your understanding of the condition is inaccurate. Failing to comprehend your condition can add needless worry and stress and can make the journey to recovery much more difficult. To help you understand the condition and give you some […]

Anger Outbursts Can Lead To Strokes

So someone did something to you that completely ruined your day. Maybe they reversed into your car and caused a bit of damage or maybe they ruined the report that was due at 9. At this point, the anger is just boiling within you, but you have two choices. Either you release all of your […]

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