Identifying The Symptoms Of Brain Tumors

An estimated 16,000 Americans are diagnosed with brain tumors every year. While some are benign (not malignant), many can be dangerous and are known to grow faster while being very aggressive. A brain tumor can be a stressful condition to deal with and requires prompt medical attention. To ensure that treatment for a tumor is […]

Brain Tumor Surgery Technology Lights The Way

The future looks bright for neurosurgeons around the world as lightwave technology is forecasted to improve brain tumor surgery. Scientists are testing lightwaves for cancerous tissue detection accuracy during neurosurgery through never-before-conducted research. Lightwaves, if precise and successful, map out a positive avenue of recovery for patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Today, the prognosis for […]

Futuristic Robo-Maggot May Terminate Brain Tumors

A robot creeping its way into the brain seems more like a nightmare than a neurosurgical dream come true, but recent research has developmental teams working diligently to someday make this science fantasy into a scientific fact. Robotic Maggots In The Brain? The theory sounds like the plot to a bad science fiction film, but […]

RTEL1 Protein To Alter The Future of Brain Tumor Prevention

It is estimated more than 600,000 people currently live with brain tumors in the United States. Brain tumors target anyone from children to older adults, prompt serious and painful symptoms and challenge a patient’s ability to live a normal life. In severe cases when a tumor has metastasized or been diagnosed too late, death may […]

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