Group of doctors performing minimally invasive spinal surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery performed by a doctor.Back surgery can be a stressful and scary thing to deal with. People can often be so worried about back surgery that they prefer to deal with the pain and avoid a procedure altogether. If you had considered surgery for your backaches and pains, fear no more. A recent study has shown that minimally invasive spine procedures offer great results and an overall good surgical experience.

Proof in the Results

The study, published in the February issue of Spine, showed that patients who underwent minimally invasive procedures to alleviate back pain produced by conditions such as stenosis and degenerative disc diseases were better off than patients who had invasive procedures done.

The 7-year study involved 304 patients ranging from 19 to 93 years of age. All patients expressed their satisfaction with their minimally invasive spine surgery and assured researchers that they have since started to live a pain-free and active life. None of the patients have had to return to the follow-up procedures or exams that people who undergo invasive surgeries often need.

The Benefits

The things you feared about invasive surgeries are a thing of the past with today’s minimally invasive technology. Minimally invasive procedures to treat spine conditions can now give you benefits that will minimize the scarring and hospital stay length usually associated with open surgery. Incisions to access the affected area are usually centimeters long and the precise equipment used by spine surgeons will keep you safer than ever before.

The neurosurgeons of IGEA Brain & Spine can offer you the professionalism and experience necessary to treat conditions such as:

We Can Help You Through This

There’s no need for you to fight painful spine conditions alone. The neurosurgeons of IGEA Brain & Spine are here to help you and your family to return to normality. Contact our offices in New Jersey at (908) 688-8800 for more information.

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