Doctor pointing at x-ray images of brain experiencing strokes

You, like most Americans, are probably familiar with the severity of a stroke. You’ve heard of the dangers it can present to your health, the problems that can swamp your loved ones and even the high risk of death by suffering from one. The unfortunate thing is that, even though the dangers of strokes are widely recognized, almost everyone tends to ignore them. Value your health, understand the risk factors and familiarize yourself with the treatment options available to you in the event of a stroke.

Know the Risk Factors

It’s surprising to see the third leading cause of death in Americans take the backseat in everyone’s minds when the risk factors are so common. Over 20% of all strokes are fatal and the ones that don’t kill usually leave the victim with some form of mental or physical damage. Don’t let this condition surprise you. Be prepared for this medical emergency and do everything possible to avoid the risks. The risk factors of stroke generally include:

  • Smoking – Blood pressure is increased by nicotine while other tobacco substances can limit the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain. Do this often and your risk of suffering a stroke increases.
  • Cholesterol – Fatty substances can build up in your arteries and keep your brain from receiving the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function properly. High cholesterol can cause more buildup which, in turn, increases the risk of stroke.
  • Diabetes – Some risk factors, like diabetes, can be unavoidable but can be monitored efficiently to keep the risk of stroke at bay.

Understand The Treatment Options

If you or a loved one ever experiences the symptoms of a stroke – confusion, numbness, and inability to formulate or understand speech – you must seek medical attention fast. A time like this can be scary and alarming, but you can feel at ease with the care and treatment options we can offer you.

Our team of caring neurosurgeons can provide you with procedures such as our Tissue Plasminogen Activator (IV tPA), one of the fastest methods of treatment for strokes. We also offer our minimally-invasive Intra-Arterial Thrombectomy, which can clear the blockage obstructing your arteries as well as significantly reducing the recovery time and scarring associated with traditional surgery.

We Care About Your Health

Don’t ignore one of the most dangerous conditions known to Americans. Our neurosurgeons are ready to help you with technologically-advanced instrumentation and professional techniques that will work to improve your health and bring you back to normality. Contact our locations in New Jersey for more information about all of our Neurovascular treatments.

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