Feeling Pain On SofaChronic pain can creep up on you. A normal reaction to pain is to wait to see if it will go away or to try and manage it on your own. If you can isolate the area causing your pain, for example, the knee, you can try ice, elevation, and anti-inflammatories for a short while. Or if you have herniated disc, you may cancel plans more often to relax. However, if you live in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut and self-treatment isn’t reducing or eliminating the pain, it’s time to schedule a consultation with a qualified physician at IGEA Brain, Spine & Orthopedics. Here are some of the signs that you need the assistance of a pain management physician.

Pain Persists for Three Months or Longer

This is a general rule that identifies chronic pain, which is categorized by lasting lasts three months or longer. That’s why it is important to keep track of your pain, notice when it starts, and note how long it lasts. Mark a calendar or keep a diary, as this provides your doctor with important information to aid in a diagnosis. Some factors to consider include:

  • Did self-medication help?
  • Did movement worsen or improve?
  • How did your treatments affect your mobility and mood?

If you are aware of your pain and notice its effects, you will be more likely to seek medical help when appropriate.

Too Many Medications for Too Long

Pain relief medications and anti-inflammatories are easily available and can help manage pain. However, if you are taking them for extended periods, you should consult with a doctor. Most over-the-counter medications are recommended to be taken only for two weeks or less. If the recommended doses don’t alleviate or eliminate your pain, don’t increase the dosage on your own—call and make an appointment with a qualified medical professional. There are contraindications and long-term effects that must be taken into consideration.

If you have been prescribed pain medication and have been taking it for three months or longer, it’s time to consult with a pain management specialist. With state-of-the-art technologies to help diagnose the cause of pain, such as electromyography, and a range of therapies available, including the following, reducing and managing your symptoms is possible:

  • Steroid injections
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Antidepressants
  • Surgery

Not Able to Sleep

When sleep is disrupted, the body is not able to heal properly. Muscles are unable to fully relax, and wakefulness often affects mood. The exhaustion that arises from irregular sleep can make it more difficult to function. If you find yourself complaining more often, or struggle with feelings of anger and unhappiness, it is likely connected with your experience of chronic pain. When pain regularly wakes you up or prevents sleep, it’s time to pursue a program of pain management with a qualified physician.

Pain Management Can Help You

If you are experiencing chronic pain, whether it stems from sciatica, generalized back pain, or another cause, now is the time to consult with a physician who specializes in pain management. Our award-winning doctors and surgeons at IGEA Brain, Spine & Orthopedics provide compassionate, high-quality care to patients throughout the Tri-State Area, including Union and Paramus, NJ. To learn more, schedule an appointment today.

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