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A doctor looking at a brain tumor with his assistant.It is estimated more than 600,000 people currently live with brain tumors in the United States. Brain tumors target anyone from children to older adults, prompt serious and painful symptoms and challenge a patient’s ability to live a normal life. In severe cases when a tumor has metastasized or been diagnosed too late, death may result.

Cancer Research UK recently distributed a press release discussing the possibility for tumor prevention through the work of what is called a “DNA unraveler”. The press release highlighted the future role of a molecule connected to DNA repair which allows the secure replication of DNA for elaborate support in genetic improvement and cancer prevention.

RTEL1 & PCNA, Partners In Science

Previous inconclusive studies demonstrated a possible link between RTEL1 and brain tumor prevention. Results were never solidly confirmed until the study was conducted. Today, we know RTEL1 is directly involved in the cellular process of DNA growth and division. RTEL1 works with the help of a molecule called PCNA to hinder genetic mistakes from disturbing the DNA during copy.

PCNA and RTEL1 collaborate to extract knots in the DNA to promote optimal replication which aids in deterring brain cancer cells from surfacing. A discrepancy in the RTEL1 gene, as seen in mice, impedes collective efforts with PCNA to deflect genetic mistakes in the DNA and may prompt brain cancer to develop. Researchers discovered an indicative boost in cancer incidence.

Gearing Towards a Brain Tumor-Free Future

The discovery requires further study to truly understand the most inner functions of molecular activity in DNA replication and the systematic execution of cancer cells in the brain. The key to revolutionary brain tumor prevention and treatment is in confirmed data. A state of the art future lies ahead, contributing greatly to saving the lives of young children and older patients afflicted with malignant brain cancer.

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