Chances are you’ve spent at least a day dealing with and looking for a solution to your lower back pain on the Internet as you wince and groan at your desk. The unfortunate thing is that you’ve probably witnessed friends and family do the same. In reality, lower back pain is something that affects millions of Americans every year, but new research has found that this condition is a worldwide problem.

Worrying Numbers

According to data collected from 187 countries by researchers in Singapore, lower back pain is one of the most common work-related ailments in the world. About one-third of work-related disabilities reported worldwide are attributed to lower back pain. The condition is one of the main reasons why people crowd hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics. From workers whose jobs demand crouching motions and heavy lifting, to the nurses caring for them, lower back pain appears to spare no one.

A man rubbing his lower back trying to rub the pain away.

Trouble at Home

The truth is almost every American will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life. Behind headaches, back pain is the second most common complaint in America. To top things off, lower back pain care costs the nation approximately $50 billion annually. While this ailment can sometimes disappear after a few days, if the pain continues for an extended period of time, seeking medical assistance is advised.

The Right Treatment

At IGEA Brain & Spine, we are determined to provide care to help you overcome the distress of lower back pain. Our neurosurgeon’s assistance and the highly advanced Spinal Cord Stimulation procedure may be what you need to regain the mobility you had before your condition.

This procedure consists of the implantation of a pulse generator that will send low-voltage electrical pulses to the spinal cord. These pulses will then block the nerve signals responsible for pain. For more information about our minimally invasive procedures, contact us in New Jersey today.




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