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A purse is a woman’s most reliable friend, and for good reason. With the ability to haul an assortment of beauty items, a variety of snacks and the occasional laptop, your purse is always there to give you what you need. Aches and pains, however, aren’t an uncommon aftereffect of carrying so much weight.

We get it, you want to have the things you’ll need at arm’s reach at any given moment, but the weight you add to your purse can be extremely detrimental to your body. Follow our helpful tips and begin to see a difference in your comfort level and overall health.

Packing Trouble

You may think a heavy purse won’t cause enough pain and problems later on, but that’s far from the truth. An unnaturally heavy bag can create enough trouble to result in serious injuries and pains such as:

  • Scoliosis or kyphosis, especially in women with weak bones
  • Tension headaches as a result of pressure on the muscles in the back of the head and shoulders
  • Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease in predisposed shoulders
  • Muscle strains in the neck and upper back
  • Nerve trauma that can result in numbness and tingling in the arms

Avoiding the Pain

Take the necessary steps to avoid the pain and dangers of an overly heavy purse. The first thing to do is figure out the best way to carry your bag. Always switch the load to a different shoulder every few minutes and wear your bag diagonally when the load is just too heavy. Athletes follow a strict stretching regimen before an activity, and carrying a purse should be no different. Do some upper-body circles before your day to allow your muscles to stretch and warm up if you plan to carry your purse for long periods.

Lightening your purse’s weight is probably one of the most important options to avoid serious back pain. Downsize your makeup to the minimum along with toiletries, coins and wallets. If possible, divide your purse into sections with a must-have compartment used for permanent items and a temporary compartment you can quickly empty out when necessary.

Treatment When You Need It

Sometimes, it may feel like your back pain is too intense. If you find yourself in this situation, know that the spine surgeons of IGEA Brain & Spine are here to help. With our state-of-the-art spinal cord stimulation, you can find the fastest relief for your chronic back pain. This procedure uses neurostimulation to deliver low voltage electricity to the spinal cord to block the sensation of pain from a targeted peripheral nerve.

Don’t let debilitating back pain halt your active life. If you or a loved one is ready to take the first step towards recovery, contact our IGEA Brain & Spine offices in New Jersey and begin preparing for a life of normality today.


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