advanced neurosurgery treatmentsOne of the biggest concerns a patient can have is not knowing whether their surgical procedure will be fully effective. Throw potential lengthy and painful recovery times into the mix and treatment can turn into a nightmare. With IGEA Brain & Spine’s CyberKnife treatment, you can wave these worries goodbye. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a tumor or lesion in your brain, spine, lungs or prostate, this highly advanced treatment may be the right option for you.

An Advanced Treatment

Our CyberKnife radiosurgical procedure uses both robotics and image-guidance technology to help eradicate cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. This procedure is so advanced that it can even deliver accurately aimed dosages of radiation to tumors that other radiosurgeries cannot reach. According to the American Society for Radiation Oncology, CyberKnife eliminates cancer in less time than other procedures while delivering less radiation and improving cancer recovery rates.

With our CyberKnife procedure, you can avoid suffering the incisions, blood loss and lengthy recovery times of traditional surgeries. If you’ve been diagnosed with a cancerous or non-cancerous tumor, it may be time to consider our CyberKnife treatment.

Making Strides for Your Health

At IGEA Brain & Spine, we are fully devoted to providing you with the most professional and compassionate care. We understand the amount of stress and worry surrounding any condition, but we work around the clock to put you and your family at ease.

Our neurosurgeons in New Jersey are ready to make a difference in your health. If you suffer from a glioblastoma, acoustic neuroma, AVM or other condition we specialize in treating, know that we are here to offer our medical services. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.



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