In an ongoing effort to give back to the community, IGEA Brain & Spine neurosurgeons participate in procedures at the Liberty Science Center (LSC) in New Jersey for what is called the Live From Surgery program. Participants encompass a range of specialized surgeons including cardiac and orthopedic surgeons, as well as our very own, to engage and expose students to various field of medicine.

Neurosurgery is one ever-evolving field that requires the intellect and adaptable skill of future generations to come. Live From Surgery enables IGEA Brain & Spine doctors to inspire and captivate bright young minds across the state to promote a higher interest for careers in the health care or biotech fields. Community involvement is just one of many avenues that IGEA neurosurgeons utilize to help influence aspiring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) professionals.

Middle school, high school and college students can attend the LSC’s 100-seat Interactive Theater for a 2 ½ – hour real time look into the Operating Room (OR) via a large screen as neurosurgery is performed. Through the theater’s videoconference equipment, students and surgical staff are able to see and converse with one another regarding human anatomy, careers in technology and healthcare, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Success is reflected in a letter written by a student and aspiring physician named Christina who witnessed Dr. Adam Lipson perform neurosurgery, which she referred to as an “incredible experience.” Christina expressed her gratitude and thanked Dr. Lipson for having answered all of her questions and went on to say, “I was intrigued and amazed watching you and the OR team perform the operation… I hope to someday be as much of an inspiration to someone as you were to me.”

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