PouladLiveSurgeryDr. David Poulad recently performed a cervical (neck) disc replacement at Overlook Medical Center. It was televised live by Liberty Science Center (LSC) as part of their Live From Surgery program, an educational initiative connecting classrooms to the operating room.

The Live From Surgery Experience

Various kinds of surgeries are broadcasted in the LSC’s Interactive Theater for a unique “inside look” into surgical procedures and human anatomy. The Live From Surgery program is designed to engage middle school, high school and college students through observation and real-time conversation with Dr. Poulad and the medical team.

In addition to actively participating in discussion, children are also allowed to manipulate the instruments, anatomical models and other teaching tools to enhance the overall learning experience.

Although this was a new experience for many students, it was not the first time IGEA physicians have been invited to participate. Dr. Adam Lipson has performed other procedures for the program, most recently the first Nevro© implant at Overlook Hospital.

About Cervical Disc Replacement

Spinal discs are soft, cushion-like shock absorbers that are located between the vertebrae. When these discs become damaged or degenerate in any way, they may place pressure on nearby nerves or nerve roots. This can result in pain, numbness or weakness. When these symptoms occur and all other modalities of treatment have failed, a surgeon may replace the disc with an artificial device to relieve symptoms.

For more information on disc replacement or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced specialists, contact IGEA Brain & Spine today.

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