In December 2011, Dr. Adam Lipson traveled to Vietnam as part of a medical team dedicated to helping children suffering from severe spinal deformities, fractures and infections. He joined a group of doctors and other medical professionals from across the United States who volunteered their time and expertise to perform surgery on kids with complex spinal conditions. More than 40 children received surgical procedures by the team that was sponsored by the Bufferfly Foundation.

“I found this an incredibly rewarding use of my time and medical skills,” said Dr. Lipson, who spent two weeks treating children in Ho Chi Ming City/Saigon and Nha Trang. As well as operating, he met with the health minister of Vietnam and gave a televised lecture on complex cervical spine surgery. Founded in 2003, the Butterfly Foundation is a nonprofit medical organization seeking to make lifesaving spinal surgeries available to children in developing countries and to train local surgeons about advances in spinal treatment technology.

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