unnamedLast Wednesday, Dr. Adam Lipson performed a posterior cervical fusion for severe neck pain and nerve root compression at Overlook Medical Center. The procedure was televised live by Liberty Science Center (LSC) as part of the Center’s Live From Surgery program. The surgery was successful with dramatic improvement in the patient’s arm pain. The patient showed early progress with neck pain, as well.

The Live From Surgery Experience

Through this informative and interactive program, high school students throughout the tri-state area have an opportunity to watch the procedure performed in real time while engaging in active discussion with the medical team.

The program was created to educate students on the spine and nervous system through discussion and visual examples. In addition, the students also have the opportunity to manipulate anatomical models and some of the surgical instruments used during the procedure.

Dr. Lipson, a leader in the field of neurosurgery, was chosen by LSC due to his well-renowned work. In fact, his participation led to an invitation for IGEA to partake in this prestigious program on a monthly basis. We eagerly accepted the offer as part of our commitment to educate the community and improve the quality of life for individuals living with brain, spine and neurological conditions.

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