Deep brain stimulation is an advanced treatment for Parkinsons disease

The effects of a progressive disorder can be debilitating for you and those you care for, but the good news is that medicine continues to make amazing strides that can help one fight for their health. We have experienced the benefits of technologically-advanced treatments as well as the large amounts of research that aim to keep you and your loved ones as healthy as possible.

Deep brain stimulation is an advanced treatment for Parkinsons diseaseNow, deep brain stimulation (DBS), one of the most advanced treatments for Parkinson’s disease, has given a glimmer of hope to Alzheimer’s disease patients and it could be just a matter of time before your loved ones can get advanced treatment for this disease’s agonizing effects.

New Horizons

According to early-stage research in Molecular Psychiatry, four out of six Alzheimer’s patients experienced improvements in memory after undergoing DBS. The report shows the patients who experienced stable or improved memory suffered from mild or moderate stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The effects of this disorder can be devastating but this new research could soon pave the way for the implementation of DBS procedures for Alzheimer’s patients.

Treatment for Parkinson’s

Deep brain stimulation for Alzheimer’s disease is on the horizon for now, but at IGEA Brain & Spine, you and your family can experience its benefits for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. A progressive disorder such as Parkinson’s can debilitate and weaken the body, taking away the opportunity to live a normal life. With our state-of-the-art DBS procedure, you can see a significant reduction in the involuntary shaking, rigidness and slowness usually attributed with Parkinson’s.

DBS makes it possible for you to not suffer through the extreme pain, lengthy recovery time and scarring associated with traditional surgeries. This minimally-invasive treatment will place the stimulator in the brain through a small incision in the skull. This stimulator will block the electrical signals that make you experience tremors and involuntary shaking without damaging healthy brain tissue. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones suffer from Parkinson’s disease any longer.

Here to Help

It’s time to return to the quality of life you once knew. Our team of highly skilled neurosurgeons is determined to help you treat your Parkinson’s disease to achieve improved health. If you or a loved one is ready to take a stand against this debilitating progressive disorder, contact or visit our location in New Jersey.

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