Group of doctors performing minimally invasive spinal surgery

Worry and stress can be burdens for you and your loved ones prior to undergoing spine surgery. While this is understandable, much of this worry stems from common misconceptions and a lack of knowledge of this surgical procedure. At IGEA Brain & Spine, we strive to educate each of our patients. We’ll be addressing some of the common questions and misconceptions people may have about our spinal procedures.

A doctor performing spine surgery on a patient.

Will I Require Additional Surgery?

Many believe their spine surgery will require additional procedures, yet this is generally only the case when treating complex spinal trauma. Apart from these extreme cases, most people will regularly only undergo one procedure. You may find that your spine surgeon will request a lifestyle change and certain exercises, but rest assured in knowing that other surgical treatments are unlikely.

Lengthy and Painful Recoveries

Technological advancements have virtually done away with the problems of a long and painful recovery. Our minimally invasive spine surgery usually allows patients to return to their homes the very same day and allows them the ability to return to work in about a week’s time. This is because minimally invasive spine surgery uses small incisions that avoid interaction with any other areas of the body.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Is Always Used

The truth is minimally invasive procedures are used whenever possible. Many spine conditions can be treated with this technique and it is often preferred due to its benefits. However, spine surgeons may use traditional procedures to treat patients when their individual needs require them.

Your Health is Our Priority

We understand that undergoing a surgical procedure can be difficult, but know that our team of spine surgeons is determined to thoroughly inform you of your procedure and treat you with professionalism and compassion.

Whether your condition requires a minimally invasive procedure or traditional surgery, we will work diligently to make sure your journey to optimum health is as smooth as possible. For more information about our services, contact our office in New Jersey today.



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