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Post-surgical rehabilitation is an essential factor in a patient’s recovery. This is especially true for those who have undergone spinal surgery. At IGEA Brain & Spine, your rehabilitation is as important as the spinal surgery itself. With our professional care and expert advice, we want to make your journey to recovery as easy as possible.

In the Comfort of Home

Our spine surgeons and neurosurgeons will have a list of procedures to help ease your recovery period. Taking this time to relax and rest is important, so make sure to dress the part by wearing comfortable, non-constricting clothing. Find a position you’re comfortable with and use ice packs on the tender area of your back to soothe any aches or discomfort. You may also use heating pads to help increase the flow of blood to the tender area. Keep in mind, however, that using a heat pad may increase swelling in that general area and should be used later in recovery.

Sleep Easy

It may be difficult to have a good night’s sleep after spinal surgery. Doing away with the stress suffered by your lower back is the best plan of action. Lay on your stomach and use supportive pillows to elevate your upper body. This can help you have the best sleep possible and may also limit the amount of pain you experience upon waking up.

Trust Your Therapy

A nurse helping her patient recovering from spinal surgery.It might be easy to completely disregard your therapy because, after all, the surgery should have fixed everything, right? This is actually far from the truth and could potentially result in further trouble for your back. We understand therapy can sometimes be worrying, but therapists are trained to guide you at your desired pace. Pull through with your therapy sessions and make strides to reach the healthy status you long for.

Your Health is Our Priority

A surgical procedure such as spinal surgery can be a scary situation to deal with. IGEA Brain & Spine works hard to treat you with the utmost care. Our spine surgeons will explain every step of the procedure and recovery process to ensure that you and your loved ones are well-informed. For more information about our medical services, contact our location in New Jersey today.



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