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There is a certain sense of worry and stress surrounding any type of surgical procedure, especially when it involves something as crucial as the spine. You and your family may fearfully wonder what the outcome of a spinal surgery will be and how recovery will pan out. Don’t let these feelings of concern keep you up at night. Follow our advice on how to find comfort with your spinal surgery.

Be Confident

There will be a large amount of examinations prior to your surgery, so stay positive and confident throughout the process. Your surgeon should run an extensive amount of scans and tests to determine the root of your condition. Ask your doctor how he or she feels about your tests and the procedure to be performed to ensure everything is done with complete understanding.

A doctor sitting with his patient before he undergoes spinal surgery.Create Trust

A surgeon/patient relationship built on confidence and trust is one of the most integral parts of any medical procedure and spinal surgery is no different. As with any relationship, the key component is communication. An efficient and caring spine surgeon will answer all of your questions with thorough and comprehensive information while consulting with his or her colleagues. It may be difficult to come up with questions on the spot, but some of the most important things to ask include:

  • What have been the outcomes of your previous surgeries?
  • Is it possible to speak to a former patient about their experience with you?
  • How will you be assisted during the surgery?

Rehabilitation is a MUST

Some patients may completely disregard the need for rehabilitation, but this is a huge mistake and could significantly hamper the surgery’s success. Your full recovery is dependent on how willing you are to follow through with rehabilitation. You will not be alone during this process. Your spine surgeon, along with a team of therapy specialists, will be with you every step of the way and will mold the process to your pace.

You Are Our Priority

We understand that spinal surgery is not an easy experience to overcome, but IGEA Brain & Spine will do everything possible to bring you and your loved ones the comfort you deserve. Our spine surgeons will provide the information you need through every facet of the process for the highest level of comfort. Let our surgeons work to bring you the health you’ve wanted with minimally invasive procedures and technologically advanced instrumentation. For more information about our medical services, contact our location in New Jersey today.



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