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A man holding the lower left side of his back from pain.If you’ve recently suffered from the discomfort and aches of back pain, you’re probably trying to remember what caused it. According to a study in Arthritis Care & Research, there are 12 modifiable combinations of risk factors that can potentially increase your chances of suffering lower back pain. In this two-part series, we’ll delve deeper into the study to help you find the different ways to prevent the effects of this condition.

Finding The Triggers

According to a report by the World Health Organization, about 10% of the global population will suffer back pain during their lifetime. Now, the new study, conducted in Sydney, Australia, has found 12 major probable causes for lower back pain bouts. The experts conducting the study approached 999 participants who had entered clinics in search for back pain relief.

The subjects were asked to share their experience with 12 different risk factors in the 4 days prior to experiencing aches. The researchers then measured and sorted the likelihood of suffering from back pain due to each of the risk factors. These included:

  • Manual Tasks
  • Lifting heavy loads
  • Unnatural positioning
  • Handling objects away from the body
  • Handling people, such as fidgeting toddlers
  • Handling animals
  • Unbalanced loading
  • Physical Activity
  • Undergoing moderate or robust physical activity
  • Sexual activity
  • Slips or falls
  • Psychosocial Risks
  • Alcohol
  • Distractions
  • Fatigue

Now that we have identified some causes of back pain, IGEA Brain & Spine wants to help you and your loved ones avoid these painful troubles. The following are vital things you can do to help prevent back pain.
back pain triggers - part 2

Warm It Up

You may think that warming up your body is for athletic activities only, but this is far from true. Whether you’re getting ready to do some yard work or work on moving, it’s important to move your body before starting any physical labor. Doing so will help prepare your body for the task at hand.

Don’t Ignore Your Body

One of the most important things you can do to avoid an injury is listen to your body. People are generally aware of any looming tweaking sensations in their bodies, but many refuse to heed this natural warning sign, especially if they’re occupied with a task. Ignoring your body’s warnings can potentially turn a minor ache into insufferable back pain. Remember, if you listen to your body and stop, you could save yourself the aches and pains of a back injury.

No Repetition

According to the risk factors in part one of our series, most back pain comes as a result of repetitive movements over long periods of time. These frequent motions can strain the back’s muscles and leave them extremely tired, which can then lead to potential back injuries. To help avoid this problem, try to find a comfortable position before starting a task and take frequent breaks whenever possible.

Rid Your Pain

It’s time to take action against back pain to regain the mobility you want. The spine surgeons of IGEA Brain & Spine are ready to make a difference in your life by using highly-advanced equipment and effective pain management methods. Let us evaluate your pain today to find the best treatment method.

It’s Time to Manage Your Pain

In Part 2 of our series, we’ll help you avoid the aches and aguish by exploring the various ways to prevent lower back pain. At IGEA Brain & Spine, we care about your well-being and know that sometimes medical assistance is the only viable option for ridding your body of constant pain. Our spine surgeons are equipped with the most advanced surgical techniques and equipment to ensure that your journey to recovery is as smooth and swift as possible. Contact our location in New Jersey for more information about the medical help we have to offer.

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