Your Back Pain Ends Now.

If you suffer from lower back pain you are not alone. Low back pain in one of the most common medical conditions and almost all adults will experience it at some point in their life.

Modern technology means you no longer have to live with this pain. Minimally invasive treatment techniques often means that our Ivy-league trained neurosurgeons can have you treated, back home, and pain free all in the same day.

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The Age of Invasive Spine Surgery is Over

Modern technology allows the neurosurgeons at IGEA to target your pain and discomfort with precision excellence and compassionate patient care. If you suffer from severe lower back pain, you do not need to fear getting treatment. In most cases our back pain specialists are able to provide non-invasive treatments for lower back pain.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Our team is comprised of highly trained neurosurgeons who are experts in minimally invasive procedures and various other innovative spine solutions. We will always exhaust non-invasive treatment options before exploring more serious procedures.

Ivy-League Trained Neurosurgeons

Our Ivy League, board certified neurosurgeons and specialized physician assistants work hard to bring effective treatment solutions to our patients, giving you the high quality care you deserve

Convenient Hours & Locations

We understand that our patients are often busy people who find it difficult to make the time for proper treatment. We have locations through-out the Tri-State area with hours to accommodate all schedules.

Hear From Our Patients

“I truly appreciate the care I received from Dr. David Poulad at IGEA Brain & Spine. Most anytime I need to see him there is no problem to get in. The staff appreciate my needs as a person. Thank you very much Dr. Poulad and staff!”


“Excellent Staff, excellent care, you are not cattle you are a person who happens to be a patient and are treated as such. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for this procedure.”


“Dr. Lipson is always smiling and happy in the pictures! So alive!!!  It’s amazing the respect I have for him…thank you for saving my moms life!! I can enjoy her company thanks to you!”


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